The 1st ever Cryptocurrency based Fantasy Sports platform offering an internal exchange system.

How to play

  • 1. Sign Up for FREE
  • 2. Add Crypto Currency Securely
  • 3. Choose Contests in the Lobby
  • 4. Draft a Team. Enter & Enjoy

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Supported Sports:

Football (NFL, College NCAA), Basketball (NBA, College NCCA, Euro League), NHL, MLB, E-Sports, F1, Soccer (MLS, African, World Cup and all Euro leagues and tournaments), Horse Racing (AU, UK), Golf, Rugby, MMA, Stocks, Trivia and more coming soon!

Supported Game Types:

Player Draft, Live Draft (Snake Draft), Player Unit, Pick 'Em, Pick 'Em against the spread, Pick 'Em agaist money line, Ulitimate Pick 'Em, Pick Square, Best 5, Golf Skin, Goal Predictor, Score Predictor, Different styles of tie breakers and more coming soon!

Supported Payment Gateways:

  • Crypto Currency (DFSCoin Recommended)
  • PayPal
  • Priority Payments
  • Flutterwave
  • FT Tech
  • Bill Map
  • More to come

What is Fan Lucci?

Fan Lucci is an exciting Fantasy Sports platform supporting todays Fantasy Sports Crypto currencies.
Players can participate in Fantasy Sports contests using crypto currencies to play against other players.
Fan Lucci has more sports and game types than any other fantasy sports website with more features on the way.
Due to the use of todays Fantasy Sports Crypto currencies, Fan Lucci has the lowest transaction fees and the most secure platform.

How does it work?

Fantasy Sports players can transfer their existing coins or currency from any of the supported currencies and our system will convert them to Lucci coins. Lucci coins are just the currency used on the website.
It is NOT a crypto currency. It's like going to a casino and exchanging your cash for chips to play with.
Fantasy Sports players play with the chips or Lucci in this case, then when players want to cash out, they exchange the chips or Lucci back into any of the currencies supported by the platform.
The advantages are that Fantasy Sports players can play using any of the supported currencies into Lucci which levels the playing field between currencies.
Transactions are secure and there is no chance of fraud.
Transaction fees are very low. has more sports than any other fantasy sport site has more game types than any other fantasy sports site. supports daily, weekly, monthly and season long contests is the first fantasy sports site to support multiple crypto currencies.

How do I get started?

First register at
Then login at
Then buy any of the supported coins at
Then go to the Add Funds page within, select the currency and send an amount to the Cyrpto wallet address.
The system will automatically convert the coins into Lucci.
Enter contests from the lobby page or create your own. Remember to always invite your friends!
To cash-out, go to the Withdrawal page and request a withdrawal in any currency.
Its that simple.

Why DFSCoin?


Where do I download my DFSCoin wallet?

Windows Wallet:
Linux Wallet:

Is there a community?

Yes, we on are Discord: Server -