This website is a simple demo site to showcase what is possible, out of the box,  with the Fan Victor Ultimate Fantasy Sports Plugin.  This site possess all the functionality the plugin supports.  It also has 2 extra plugins installed that are add-ons to the base plugin.  Those 2 extra add-ons are:


1) FV Coupon – This plugin is an add-on to the Fan Victor Fantasy Sports Plugin base plugin. The system  allows you,  the site owner,  to set up coupon codes as well as create bonuses for user who deposit money.  Either by $ = enter a fixed dollar value or % = a percentage of the end users deposit. Coupon codes can be set to never expire or have a limited quantity of usage. Plus many more features.


2) FV Affiliate – This plugin is a must have for anyone serious about getting into running your own Fantasy site.  This systems allows you, the site owner, to manage an affiliate system just like the big boys do.  Using today’s standard affiliate model,  pay it forward to those who bring you traffic. Set a different amount per user. Detailed reports,  custom settings and more.  Highly recommended.


Both these systems and this theme can be purchased from their store:

Feel free to login to this site and win some Lucci!